International Course: Finite Element Based Geotechnical Analysis (16 to 19 September 2014)


Dates:  16-19 September 2014

Venue: TNO DIANA BV Headquarters, Delftechpark 19a, 2628 XJ, Delft, The Netherlands

Language:  English  Deadline: 1 September 2014

TNO DIANA BV is pleased to invite you to its training course on Finite Element based Geotechnical Analysis.  This course will feature special guest lecturers from the geotechnical engineering industry. The course focuses on the application of finite element methods in geotechnical analyses such as: nonlinear phased construction, deformation and stability, groundwater flow-stress, drained and undrained, pile and piled-raft, and 3D excavation analysis.


Course Description 


  • The course focuses on the application of the finite element method in geotechnical and underground engineering. The lectures will be followed by exercises to provide participants with hands-on experience relevant to the theory that has been presented.
  • Large parts of the course will be orientated towards 3D modelling and the handling of complex geometries.
  • Gain insight into the workings of finite elements and get started with real 3D modelling concepts and applications.

Who should attend?

The course is aimed for practicing engineers or academics who wish to learn more about finite element based geotechnical analysis technique and the capabilities of the DIANA software in this field.

Course Tutors

Dr Jean-Claude Bauruelle - TNO DIANA BV
Dr Maziar Partovi - TNO DIANA BV
Guest Tutor(s) - from Industry & University - to be confirmed


Exercises and case studies are based on the software DIANA (DIsplacement ANAlyzer), which is an extensive multipurpose finite element software package that is dedicated, but not exclusive, to analysis of a wide range of problems arising in civil and oil & gas engineering including structural, geotechnical, tunnelling, and earthquake engineering disciplines.  For more information about the software see the DIANA page.

A one month trial version of DIANA will be made available to first time users of DIANA.  This trial will be made available during the course.


  • Timing for the course on each day is: 9.00am - 5.30pm
  • Participants are expected to bring their own laptop, please ensure that your laptop meets the minimum requirements as described on our support page
  • Lunches and refreshments are provided

Outline Agenda

It is not necessary to attend all four days of the course. However, for new users it is advisable to attend the first day in order to gain a basic understanding of the software in order to continue on to days 2, 3 and/or 4.

16 September 2014 (day 1)

  • Introduction to DIANA
  • Geometrical modelling and meshing 
  • Linear static analysis
  • Post processing and interpretation of results
  • Slope stability analysis

17 September 2014 (day 2)

  • Nonlinear analysis procedures and equation solvers
  • Introduction to FE based Geotechnical Analysis

18 September 2014 (day 3)

  • Introduction to material modelling and parameter assessment
  • Drained and undrained static analysis
  • (Coupled) Pore pressure-stress analysis

19 September 2014 (day 4) 

  • 3D piled-raft analysis 
  • 3D excavation analysis
  • Liquefaction analysis


Student Fee
1 day attendance €300 €150
2 day attendance €500 €350
3 day attendance €750 €450
4 day attendance €1100 €550


  • Prices exclude VAT
  • Prices include a 1 month trial of the DIANA software (for new users only) 
  • Students are asked to provide evidence that they are enrolled in a relevant programme of study in order to qualify for the reduced enrolment fee


To request further information about the course please contact us via

If you are registering as a student, and are therefore eligible for the reduced fee, please send proof of your enrolment on a relevant course to as soon as possible. We will not be able to confirm your place on this course until we have received this.
Nb. this should be the invoice address
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Nb. it is not obligatory to attend all four days of the course
Participants are expected to bring their own laptop
Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements or food allergies

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