Seminar: Structural & Geotechnical Engineers Handshake for Seismic Soil Foundation-Structure Interaction Analysis & Design of Civil Structures (21-June-2014)

Date:   Saturday, 21 June 2014

Venue:  TNO DIANA BV, Delft, The Netherlands 

Language:   English       

Registration Cost:  Free

TNO DIANA BV is pleased to invite you to this short technical seminar and excursion, which comes “hot on the heels” of NUMGE (the 8th European Conference on Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering) which takes place, in Delft, during the preceeding week.

Online Training: Dynamic Analysis of Structures with DIANA (29-Apr-2014)

Language:  English

Registration:  Free

This online session gives a clear overview of the different methods offered in DIANA to perform the dynamic analysis of civil engineering structures.
Candidates attending this session will become familiar with the linear and nonlinear dynamic analysis capabilities of DIANA with special reference to fluid-structure interaction.

Online Training: Seismic Analysis of Dams Using the HFTD Method (9-May-2014)

Language:  English

Registration:  Free

Presented by Fernando Sirumbal, a civil engineer at Poyry with extensive experience of DIANA.  This webinar gives an overview of the fundamentals of the Hybrid Frequency-Time Domain Method (HFTD) applied to transient seismic analysis of dams taking into account the fluid-structure interaction (FSI).

International Course: Finite Element Analysis of Dams (11 to 14-Nov-2014)

Dates:  11-14 November 2014

Venue: TNO DIANA BV Headquarters, Delftechpark 19a, 2628 XJ, Delft, The Netherlands

Language:  English  Deadline: 31 October 2014

TNO DIANA BV is pleased to invite you to its training course on the Finite Element Analysis of Dams with DIANA. This is an in depth course focusing on dam specific analyses such as construction stage, groundwater flow-stress and Young hardening analysis. These, and other analyses covered within the course can be applied to dams under design, assessment, pre and post-construction and extension/strengthening of existing dam structures.

TNO DIANA, Delft signs MOU with EUCENTRE, Pavia and CSPFea, Este

TNO DIANA BV (TDBV) located in Delft, Netherlands, is delighted to announce the signing of an MOU with The Foundation EUCENTRE, Pavia, Italy and CSPFea, Este, who commercially and technically supports TDBV in Italy. The agreement will facilitate the provision and support of the DIANA software in  a research project carried out by the centre in collaboration with other research institutions, among which the University of Ankara, Turkey and the University of Minho, Portugal.

EUCENTRE is already heavily involved in research studies related to seismic analysis and this particular project will involve the seismic analysis of masonry infills in framed structures. The widespread diffusion of such structural typology calls for a better understanding of its seismic response.

International Course: Finite Element Analysis of (Reinforced) Concrete Structures (14 to 17-Oct-2014)

Dates: Tuesday, 14th to Friday, 17th October 2014

Venue: TNO DIANA BV, Delftechpark 19a, 2628XJ, Delft, The Netherlands

Language: English  

TNO DIANA BV is pleased to invite you to its training course on the Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures. The training course consists of a balanced mixture of lectures and hands-on computer analyses with the DIANA finite element software.

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